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Solid Bank Earnings Could Signal an Opportunity for Investors
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Mary-ann Astle takes a trip down memory lane and conjures up some retro Christmas presents from the 80s... THIS Christmas why not go retro? Forget all the modern thingy-ma-jigs like tablets, 3D printers and a dolls that you can sync to your smartphones (yes, the last one is true) and hark back to gifts that would have delighted you and others in decades past. Retro presents will be big on my ...
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CERN is currently digitizing over 50 years worth of its old black and white photographs to make them searchable via the Cern Document Server . However, the subject of many of the photos has been lost in the sands of time and the researchers can’t work out what’s what. If you know your Large Hadron Collider from your Low Energy Antiproton Ring, then be sure to read on and lend a hand ...
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Elizabeth Holmes is America’s youngest female billionaire, and the story behind how she made her money is both heart-warming and inspirational. There are many different avenues where you could board Elizabeth’s tale and find yourself inspired. We could start in 2003, when at age 19 she dropped out of Stanford University and then spent the Meet Elizabeth Holmes, America’s Youngest Female ...
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With plans to expand its Works With Nest developer program even more, Nest has recently acquired the smart home startup Revolv -- and also announced a slew of new additions to its ecosystem The post Nest acquires Revolv, adds a slew of new products to its smart home ecosystem appeared first on Digital Trends .